on humanism and environmental crisis

About Me

I was born and educated in Lublin,Poland, lived in England, West Africa , all over the US and now in Tennessee. Pediatrician since 1971 , lives with his wife on Signal Mountain.  I have 2 daughters and 3 grandsons and one cat. I play tai-chi, tennis and ski at the tender age of 71. Still working in private practice, working on the worldview internet game and other inventions.

Both my parents were doctors. In the Pediatric Institute of Lublin, I was taught by Professors Gebala and Gerkowicz, and my scientific mentor was Professor Tuszkiewicz. I learned about the infectious diseases from Dr.Chris Harrison and about the private pediatric practice from Dr. Bob Miller.

My writing about pediatrics should be mostly useful for the young pediatricians and the family practice doctors. My reflections and “pearls” have nothing to do with Evidence Based Medicine.

What I have to say is based on my experience and studies and it served well my patients, their parents and me. I have thought quite a few doctors and nurses and they also seem liked it.


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