on humanism and environmental crisis


  1. My worldview is based on evolution. I think that the deeper understanding of the consequences of the evolutionary worldview will have a huge impact on our world community.
  2. I have, or at least I am trying to have a meditation practice. I am a humanist, but I cultivate mindfulness and gratitude  and  I am working on my worldview.
  3. I am seriously concerned about the environment and I agree that we can not fix external environment without major changes in the internal environment. We need to learn how to relate to each other, otherwise we are doomed.  What we see as “ability to relate” the scientist would perceive as a brain function. This function is modified by the family, the society and by the personal practice. We desperately need an all out effort in all three areas.

It sounds funny. But it is true. I am an evolutionary from Chattanooga, Tennessee. This term “evolutionary” comes from the group of integral philosophers publishing EnlightmentNext. I do not agree with everything that they say, but I loved Terry Patten and Beyond Awakening Series.

These 3 criteria also nicely create the categories of my interest and my armchair philosophy. In my new blog these will also serve as three pods of entries and discussion:

(1) Evolution, (2) Building an explicit worldview and (3) Evolutionary Objectivity (Me and You)

There is also fourth area. My expertise, my perspective, and my worries are all related to children. I am a pediatrician and 2021 marked 50 years working with kids….

This is in itself a good reason to get a blog, is it not?

Comments on: "Overview" (4)

  1. Lynne Lockie said:

    I like this blog and your concern about children . my husband who died in 2010, Dr. Ronald Wigley felt that way about kids and gave his whole life to them and their families. I am also so interested in brain studies concerning consciousness and the idea that the brain may be a receiver and transmitter of consciousness , that our mysteriousness is part of the great WHOLE or great No-Thingness, vaster than the human brain.

    • Great.The brain , the observer, the builder of the personal universe. Evolved to build the sense of the objectivity in each of us. Your worldview, Lynne, though different than my weird one, seems very interesting. Let’s discuss it on the Philozophy.com the place where different worldviews mingle.

  2. Peter Brown said:

    You left out one important point. I am quite certain that your postings will never be dull. Ever. An exciting time for an exciting project.

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