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Evolutionary Algorithm

I have been talking to Peter Brown about Beinhocker book “The Origins of Wealth” . They say “variation, amplification, selection”.

Amplification is first and only premise, variation and and selection are computer settings, in vivo they are the results of the evolution.

    Amplification means that you get more and more of the same thing.

“The same thing” concept clarification is absolutely crucial.

19th century England was all about “species” and “organisms”, and 20th century computer models followed.

The TEO (Toward Evolutionary Objectivity – this is my theory, you can read about it elsewhere ) drops this, it sounds slightly Buddhist, but the substrate of the evolution is a cluster of attributes which “amplify” together.

Additionally, and this is not Buddhist any more, this cluster or aggregate, or system is not “out there”, is not part of the “nature”. In our evolutionary process of understanding the world, our ancestors ( animals ) created these clusters In their perception brains, according to usefulness- so now we ( humans) named them- for example- “fish” or “finger” or “weather” or “anger”.

In TEO they are called behaviors. The behavior can have elaborate description, like what was the princesses’ dress made of and who was the taylor, or simple description, like “bacterium swims towards the sugar gradient”. Every behavior consists of its components- the simpler behaviors- down to the subatomic spin.

Now: Any cluster of behaviors which amplify /multiply, makes more of the same thing- is the subject of the evolution. It veel evolve!

In our universe ( our understanding)  the amplification means “in time”.

“In time” means, increase entropy, means it follows II law of thermodynamics.

Would the system be perfect it would amplify endlessly.

But not in our Universe. We are granular, energy-uneven .

Most simply- the cluster will cease to amplify together- fine- it dies- it breaks down- entropy is up with time, complexity’s down- more chaos.

But, against all odds- other systems will continue- then- not being perfect- one of the components will occur in two  versions. The one which amplifies better- will slow down the energy gradient- will be smarter, more complex- soon the other one is bye bye gone.

Of course, the greatest invention of the evolution is the system which keeps amplifying -nearly perfect- the nuclear acids’ code- leading to the organism.

So, the algorithm is simpler than I thought, just keep amplifying.

The variation and the selection are the results , are inevitable, not a part of the evolutionary algorithm, but needed to be programmed for the computer model to tick…

The amplification, to be evolutionary relevant, has to have a substrate which is able to continue the process of multiplication. The examples are : simple carbonic acid cycle, the crystals in the oversaturated solution. Girls Preparatory School.The substrate contains the information to continue the production of the more of the substrate.

But this is not enough.

The substrate has to contain the information how to make a new factory of the substrate. Or at least a part of it. Examples ? simple strain of the nucleic acids. Mating rituals in animals. Storytelling behavior in humans. Parenting.

Veritas Institute, Worldview Internet Game

Dear Board Member,


I wanted my friends and family to play my Veritas Worldview Game, but nobody seemed to want to, until cajoled mercilessly.

To play one needs to answer 14 questions, by doing so creating your personal worldview.

The questions you are answering to build your worldview are somewhat philosophical and by that they are surprisingly “safe”.

It is not easy to openly mess with received opinions and conventional wisdom of the people around you, your family and friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. Do not anger gods, bosses and social opinion.

But when you deal more abstractly in terms of your world view, expressed in your own words, you somehow get around these constraints.

You exercise your thinking and creativity, while keeping safe your spiritual values and social position.


The intellectual inquiry into your philosophical worldview, while not so easy , in the same time is so natural and safe and accepted. It is almost like figuring out what this shape of a cloud reminds you of.

You can argue and argue but your “elephant” is still the best for you…. And in two minutes it may be “a bear”.

The answering these questions turned out to be much less fun than I expected , and many people did not want other people to know what they think…


So I thought that they need to be on the advisory board , so they couldn’t refuse…

But advisory board of what? A LLC? , may be a corporation or a “center’ for something? Eureka!

Veritas Institute.

It started as as joke, but after more talking and thinking it  became an idea on its own.

The idea that everybody deserves to experience his/her individuality as an essential part of freedom. This way “my own worldview” should be a way to inquire about your own truth – opinions, emotions, your own self.


So, “long live”, for the Institute, there is so many forces which can be focused and cooperating there. The people for “critical thinking”,”worldview” philosophers, like Vidal , Heylighen and others,  the Bowen Center from DC, the Evolutionaries from California, the world peacemakers, the mindfulness promoting people, all kind of thinkers and dreamers etc, etc…

You are invited to be the board member.

Responsibility? Plan to attend the Board Party once a year, breathe deeply, do the good work, stop when you’re done.


Please create your explicit worldview by answering the questions below.

Answer should be between 20 to 200 characters long .

There is the spreadsheet with the existing answers on my Google Drive, if you are ready to add your answers, please let me know. I will share with you this spreadsheet and you will be able to browse and write your stuff in.

Very soon the game goes live on internet, and anybody will be able to play.

Veritas Institute

Tomasz and Sophia Voychehovski- co-founders and co-directors

Financial adviser – David Levis

The Board:

Linda Voychehovski literary adviser

Lucas Prater- art adviser

Peter Brown- customer’s psychology adviser

Dosia Boron- European philosophy specialist

Richard Barrali – mindfulness and sales

Jan Sabbo – friendships and surgery

Leslie Bloom – feminism and multicultural adviser

Zibin Guo- Eastern anthropology

Luke Lea and Pat Lea- American Culture and Landscape

Andrew Warner- physical wellbeing

Tom Cable- medical wellbeing

Craig Kronenberg- architecture

James Friedli – real estate

Ron Whitmire- marketing and business adviser

Jann Sullivan – Center for Mindful Living liaison

William Dwyer – Bowen Center liaison.

Witold Kapuscinski- vision adviser

Tommy Boron- youth liaison (East)

Robert Kronenberg – youth liaison (West)


Veritas Institute Spiritual Council

Piotrus Wojciechowski- film and Christianity (east), also liaison with the Podhale Wisdom Academy

Gregg Sullivan- legal and Christianity(west)

Kaukab Naseer- Islam adviser

Jonathan Cohen- Judaic adviser

tom kunesh- atheism and shamanism

Lenny Rubin- yogic adviser

Kittisaro and Thanissara –  Buddhist advisers


New , proposed, order of questions:


I. How do you find happiness?

II. Is there a free will? Can you make a difference?

III. What is the meaning of life?

IV. How do you find truth?

V. What is an origin of good, beauty and truth?

VI. What is an origin of evil?

VII. What is the role of the evolution?

VIII. How did the Universe begin?

IX. What is going to happen to humankind?

X. What will happen after you die?

XI. What about Extraterrestial Intelligence?

XII. What is the nature of the mind?

XIII. What is the Universe made of?

XIV. What question is missing?


I underestimated the difficulty of the creating and writing down a condensed (so others can compare) , but the personal, meaningful, interesting worldview.

Only few could do it.

Now I know that you need to study the psychology and the techniques of how to create a worldview and then you need to attempt to teach the “creating your worldview 101”.