on humanism and environmental crisis


Evolutionary objectivity is the description of my worldview.

As I read it 1 year after it was written, I still like it. Some concepts , though, requires  clarification.

Before doing that , lets talk about the concept of concepts!

Let’s line them up! Which is the most difficult to define, most basic, most important,  most inclusive and elemental?

1. My vote goes to “god”.It also has the most names, most controversy, is most elusive.  “The creator, the one, the force,  the all-compassionate, omnipotent, all-pervading-‘ etc, etc. In some cultures it has more specific names, but the meaning is interchangeable ( Jesus, Christ, Alllah, Mohamed, Jahve, Buddha, Zeus, Sun-god, Eagle-god etc.) We argue about everything about the “god”- its name, nature, existence, action, values, history, you name it.

2. The second concept is for me: “mind”. (soul, brain function, I, me, self, consciousness, mind-heart, being etc)

3. The third is “universe”( the reality, world, everything, etc)

I bet not many people would argue about the first three, but next????

My candidate for #4 is “dimension”. I understand that this is not a very popular  candidate!

This hierarchy of abstractness might look like an idle musing of the philosopher obsessed with abstract thinking. It is not. It is the reflexion of my desperate attempts to understand the way my brain is working.

Now back to the glossary “proper”.

Dimension.- special type of Metaphor.

Metaphor – special type of the information package( cluster)

Information- organisms’ relationship with unevenness( granularity)

Granularity-physical expression of mathematical term of probability or randomness or both. Things for Me could had been anything but they are this not any of other possibilities.

Bootstrapping- jumping metaphors to avoid  being stuck in the circular argument.

Worldview- the opinion about the world, everything person knows. Can be explicit- expressed in language, or implicit- expressed by action or just by living.

Worldsense- the same as worldview , but including non human beings, nervous system based information system responsible for animal’s (or anything actually which has behavior) behavior.


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