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TER (towards evolutionary reality)- the concepts of time and explicitness

Many complicated concept are greatly simplified and demystified.

The time.

The Universe is still. It is such  and such, mathematically pure and complete.

It is completely implicit, no communications, no axioms, conventions, paradigms.

As I am trying to understand it , I am doing it in the way my mind allows me to do it.

I am naming , making sense, categorising, communicating.

This creates my Universe, the only reality I can get.

I have been creating this and learning about this reality since birth.

Now, almost 70 year old, I believe that that process is common for all beings.

All beings who have nervous system,  create their Universes with the a marked degree of explicitness.

It is possible to prove this by examining their nervous system and find  some description of the reality or understanding.

As we would use our mind for this investigations, we’d find that even very primitive  beings

would “use’ two categories very familiar for us.

1. good-bad category

2. Level of intensity category.

Both of them contain the concept of time in them:

1. “Good” means – live longer- means- bigger number of behaviors/ experiences/ choices/units of understanding/ chances to multiply between birth and death.

2. “Intensity” divides immediately into the energy concentration, distance( space) and time.

This will tell how many of these behaviors can be packed between birth and death.

So, so simple- this is the origin and nature of time in the intellicentrism. Without doing something, without understanding, making sense of something what is time good for.

Remember: there is no Nobody Universe!

The explicitness.

Simple behaviors/experiences/units of understanding shift from implicit to explicit rapidly.

In one pocket you have 2 dollars and in other also 2. Your being 4 dollars worth is completely implicit. Then , ka-boom- you pulled them out – everybody sees 4 dollars, or you just say “ I have 4 dollars” or  just 2+2= 4. or you scribble this on the blackboard- whatever you do – the shift to explicit is rapid and complete. The communication is full across very broad social spectrum. At least most humans , excluding the infants and imbecils, will get it. You feel kind of strange- implicit- then you think- I know , I am hungry!- more explicit, but except for you and your wife, nobody knows. Then you shout”I am hungry”, then you tweet it to the whole Universe, then additionally you gesture ‘ mangiare, mangiare”- more and more explicit. But the concept is more complex and communication less complete, less explicit. (see also “implicit and explicit worldviews”)

With the evolutionary march of complexity, the level of the explicity is very important. The animal’s expression of its life purpose  is mostly implicit- it is the sum of its behaviors experienced by its parents, mates , offsprings and the rest of the social group. Very, very few of these behaviors have the characteristics of communication, even fewer , of the metaphor.

But still, the nervous system has the ability to mushroom complexity relatively easily by increase of explicity, that the other systems of the nature just have no chance. The development of the metaphor, then language, then the culture, then reflective thinking, is so energetically cheap that the rest of the all life systems(eyes, necks, crocodiles, birds and monkeys, civilizations, et caetera, et caetera ) practically stop evolving.

Also, most of the systems have clear evolutionary constrains:

the neck can be only so long – see giraffe’s dilemma,

the brain can be only so large- see pelvic dilemma,

the  population can be only so large- see Malthus, or year 2050 dilemma.

But explicity? Can you see the limits of the depth of communication, closiness of relationships, or how much you understand or love? And all of these with the shift of the hierarchy of the few synapses and a smile.

Would Jesus like TER?


Would Jesus like TER (towards evolutionary reality)

I think so, and Buddha would for sure.


Basic principles of the evo-real worldview:


1.In my worldview the material reality is dominated by or dependent to immaterial ideas. For example:my catholic catechism: “the world was created from nothing for us to experience and enjoy”.

or Howard Thurman: “ Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

or Roald Dahl: “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”.


2. All beings (past, present and future)  live in same world, they share same reality.


3. The Science needs to be compatible with our understanding and the worldview. We can not anymore afford “agreement on disagreement” or “taking the religion with the grain of salt’ or “wink of the eye”. The science without philosophy have ruined our culture and our planet over the last 500 years of the hypocritic truce. We have to reverse it and it is not a moment too soon. The TEO is scientific idealism.


4. .The concept of “my Universe”  or “the way I see the evolution of the function of the brain”, is absolutely central for my understanding of the world, my feelings and my purpose.


5. I relate to you, to you, to you, my Mom, to you my Father as a mirror image to seeing myself, this understanding me or the evolutionary me. So, this is me and you. Yes, you. The more we know each other, the better friends we’d become. One on one. As soon as we create “us” it is because of fear of “them”.

6. My Universe , which I have been building since conception, consists of the experience/ information taken from beings I have related to, directly or indirectly. My universe also contributes to the universes of these beings. Obviously, my Universe is my project, my purpose, my legacy and my immortality.


7. When I die, nothing much will change. I will continue to be part of the Universe of these beings. It brings responsibility, purpose but also great lightness.


8.TER-kind of exaggerated existentialism- is weird, counter-intuitive and radical.  Even me, who invented it, and dwells in it for ages,. sometimes I believe in it, and everything seems to “click” in harmony, and sometimes the routine and convention takes over, then I doubt and want to give up.



TER (towards evolutionary reality) and free will

Our beloved science describes the world better and better. Every day this or that puzzle is solved and the mechanism underlying world’s workings explained.

This includes human behavior- which means our actions.

If science explained it- were our decisions just an illusion of the free will?

Maybe not completely, science doesn’t know everything… yet. But, the smarter we get,  is the amount of the free will shrinking?

Or, while subjectively, we feel like we decide, but really, really- is it not all determined by the complex world machinery? Or some other Omnipotence?

TER, with the mechanisms of the evolution as the underlying principles, is not a new science. It is difficult to call it philosophy- it is too simple, it is kind of attitude or mental trick. But it is very dramatic and counterintuitive, it actually shatters basic common sense.

According to TER, every animal, including humans, with birth , starts building its own universe. It uses its genetics,  instincts, the perception and  the interaction with other animals to build its world. It is the only reality the nervous system can build- with evolutionary constrains- solid and reliable- best for survival.

In human , which is a hypersocial species, the input of others is immense and tightly woven with personal learning. My universe is mine but also my parents’, brothers, friends,

ancestors, teachers, leaders, artists, also monkeys, fish and sponges.

What’s dramatic and truly mind-boggling is, that there is no Nobody’s Universe.

Just mine and yours, and yours and yours- everybody’s Universes  mixed.

There is no division into subjectivity and objectivity. My Universe is real, scientific and built by me. There is no free will questions and problems. I keep building it to be happy and to make you happy, this is my pride and responsibility and concern. In the evolutionary objectivity the free will exist by definition, no matter how much will be “explained’ by science.

The foreboding world-machinery with its predeterminism is snugly tucked inside my worldview and my actions and my figuring things out continuously shift my reality.

Towards Evolutionary Reality. Basic concepts.

Towards Evolutionary Reality. Basic concepts

The TER is about my universe. So the first assumption is that your universe is similar enough to mine, so the concepts of my universe are relevant for you.

My universe is the one I created and built since my birth And I am still learning about that universe more and more and I am learning also about the process of building it.

I trust that what I learn is true- but to the degree, as the picture changes all the time.

Of course some parts change more, other less, still other seems to be “so true’, that they can not possibly change.

Also some parts are conscious, some not, some I know and remember about, others I do not know or I forgot  them.

During the process of figuring out my Universe I use my Mind.  It looks that this is the name I use to put together  all my figuring out faculties. This is all very vague and seem to be culturally and civilisation- dependant, but generally different parts of my universe correspond to different parts of my Mind. The Consciousness and Unconsciousness correspond to the conscious and unconscious universes of mine.

The perception usually attaches to the real, material world, the thinking produces intellectual universe, the soul- the connection to the divine and the immortal, etc, etc…

Most of my universe I learned from others-the ancestors,  the parents, the teachers, the books, and now- from Google. All this material has ultimately identical origin- from somebody else’s universe, which is built and structured very similarly to mine .

One of the most profound teachings I learned about my Universe is related to the evolution.

It helps me to understand such difficult concepts like energy, time and space.

I see myself as an evolution-created creature trying to figure out my Universe. I think it is an evolved form of the “attempt to survive”.

It is what all animals do , all the time. They are trying to figure out their  Universe in the attempt to survive. The behaviors promoting this goal have inbuilt pleasure incentive, doing otherwise produces pain.

Each of them has its Mind , which directs the behavior.

Now with going back in time, the discussion become linguistically tricky. We shift the names according to the animal’s complexity. For the caveman the”mind” is ok, but for the bat?

All it has (dr.Nagel, au secours!) is the perception, some memory and the instinct.

I believe, that all three are forms of the behavior.

The instinct contains the behaviors genetically and epigenetically selected by evolution, these neural networks should include the metabolism, motor patterns, neurotransmitters flow (“feelings”) and perception system settings and data.

The memory has behaviors from the past, successful and not- the learning history.

The perception has the same behavioral content except it is connected with the neural network denoting “present time” and “near future” combined with “positive planned outcome”.

If we look deeper into, say, bacteria- the same pattern will work, but simpler.

So simple, that maybe can be tested and proved or disproved.

This is an interesting way of thinking – kind of evolutionary form of

cartesian reductionism.  Instead of breaking the matter into smaller and simpler pieces in order to understand the whole thing, one goes back in the evolutionary time examining simpler and simpler organisms.

It uses our understanding of the evolutionary process.

1. the evolution improves efficiency with tiny steps, it can not shift/exchange a principle or a basic mechanism.

2. all we see are winning behaviors, losers died away, if we see “loser” it means that the evolutionary behavior boundaries were poorly understood.  The behaviors go across the organism, organs or the culture. These are our boundaries invented by us to help to understand, not the evolution’s .

3. The time, the evolution, the complexity and the entropy has the same “arrow”, why?, our process of the understanding has the opposite. These concepts helped us to understand and organise the universe, while reaching further and further in space and time with our science.

The biocentrism postulates that the life created matter. This is revolutionary, this is fantastic. What is most extraordinary that Dr. Lanza and others before and after him, developed the idea on the base of the understanding of quantum physics.

I got it through the understanding of the evolution.

Heylighen, Clement and Gershenson with their complexity science and systems theory are very close to it.

Goswami and Meher Baba with their spiritual paths are practically saying the same.

Still, it is so preposterous, nobody pays any attention.

Basic concepts of the TER are biological. Not philosophical( like Kant’s) not mathematical or physical, not thermodynamical or experiential or spiritual. Biological and secondarily- social.

I am me, and not you, but your experience is like mine. This is this and that is that. And not otherwise around.

And this is my Universe, not yours, not my Mom’s, not my grandson’s.

It is not  the Universe I saw as a baby, or as an embryo. Not the bat’s Universe.

When I and a bat are in the same cave , we both see real cave, completely different,  two perfect, hard realities in the same time, the same place.

Do we need to worry that when we both (the bat and I) leave the cave , it disappears? And which one is left as Nobody’s cave.

It looks how I see it. It lays inside my understanding. It is true, it is one, it is real.

It is not an illusion, the illusion implies the existence of the second world behind , the real one.

So, it is similar to the biocentrism, but not exactly the same.

It is not that the life crated matter.

Neither life , nor the matter are independent or even prominent entities in my understanding,

The matter of scientists it is just play of words, you can not touch it, the relationships between the forces, complexity and the energy.The matter of normal people is the trick of the senses invented 400 million years ago , somewhere  about the Cambrian Explosion.

The evolutionary algorithm works independently of the matter and life.

When I was conceived,  the complexity, the time and the energy/space started as me.

I guess, the same happened to the first one- my imagination sees this process extended and stretched for billions of years- more and more of the first one, of the first live organism , of the first conscious one, of the first me.

So there is my universe, and I believe there is your universe, but I do not think there is Nobody’s Universe.

It is not the life that created it, not the consciousness, these are biological concepts.While the basic assumptions of the TER are biological.( or “organic”) the “flip” is not biological, I am not discovering any biological properties, this is philosophical, it is my understanding that created it. So my universe is not in my head, it is conceptual, it is everywhere, reaching back to the immobile, pre- time, pre-energy the mathematical universe of possibility.

It is preposterous , but the implications are practical. (see: “TER- how to act”).


The Evolution explains the origins and the function of the nervous system.

In the pre- NS world, the interplay between the environment and the organism determines the survival. With increased complexity of the organism the repertoire of the adaptive reactions increased both in spatial and in the temporal realms.

In pre-NS world the changes of the environment and organisms adaptive reactions are random.

To relate these environment’s  changes to organism’s action you need the behavior.

The behavior includes the information about the environment’s changes (the niche) the ways to remember them , organisms action and the way to remember it. Intent/ reward system is also included very early. These information processing “ need” “ pushed”  the development of the nervous system.

So, as I understand this, the content of the organism’s nervous system are these information pieces or neural networks organised in systems  being actually behaviors.This is organism’s Universe with the intent/reward system unifying them into an agent, (in more complex organisms it become “I” or consciousness)

These Universes overlap , as the experiences overlap, depending on the complexity and socialization  of the organism. This is so simple , especially comparing to the Quantum- everything world. Well, with the Human World it is slightly more complicated , as we are v.v. complex and v.v. hypersocial- so we created from those overlapping experiences this Nobody’s Universe, we call real.

To summarize:

As a “modern human” I automatically divide the experiences into two types.

One world is my subjectivity, my inside World. There, my mental faculties can distinguish different  parts : my perceptions, my feelings, my memories, my beliefs, my consciousness.

The other world is the outside World .

The animals  have mostly outside world- their reality. The higher animals have more memory and emotions, but a simple worm- only outside, real, true, worm- independent World. Of course our worm is deeply wrong- her primitive nervous system tells her : eat, stop, go, eat- what kind of world it is?

Well, as a 2 week old embryo, I was not much smarter, even as a baby, the world was simple and unified : eat, stop, sleep, cry…

Then my mental faculties, around 6 to 8 month of age made the split: inside vs outside.

I believe it is only one world. My universe- real, and perceived  by different mental faculties like pictures in a kaleidoscope-the dreams, the forests, the angels, the angers, Plato and my daughters- then my brain will ( partly unconsciously) sort this out. It will use multiple filters- usability, reliability, probability, categories, personal experience etc.

I believe your Universe is similar, and Sox’s my cat’s and the simple worm’s.

And there is no Nobody’s World.

The consequences of this theory I described in “TER how to act” in my blog.

Evolutionary Algorithm

I have been talking to Peter Brown about Beinhocker book “The Origins of Wealth” . They say “variation, amplification, selection”.

Amplification is first and only premise, variation and and selection are computer settings, in vivo they are the results of the evolution.

    Amplification means that you get more and more of the same thing.

“The same thing” concept clarification is absolutely crucial.

19th century England was all about “species” and “organisms”, and 20th century computer models followed.

The TEO (Toward Evolutionary Objectivity – this is my theory, you can read about it elsewhere ) drops this, it sounds slightly Buddhist, but the substrate of the evolution is a cluster of attributes which “amplify” together.

Additionally, and this is not Buddhist any more, this cluster or aggregate, or system is not “out there”, is not part of the “nature”. In our evolutionary process of understanding the world, our ancestors ( animals ) created these clusters In their perception brains, according to usefulness- so now we ( humans) named them- for example- “fish” or “finger” or “weather” or “anger”.

In TEO they are called behaviors. The behavior can have elaborate description, like what was the princesses’ dress made of and who was the taylor, or simple description, like “bacterium swims towards the sugar gradient”. Every behavior consists of its components- the simpler behaviors- down to the subatomic spin.

Now: Any cluster of behaviors which amplify /multiply, makes more of the same thing- is the subject of the evolution. It veel evolve!

In our universe ( our understanding)  the amplification means “in time”.

“In time” means, increase entropy, means it follows II law of thermodynamics.

Would the system be perfect it would amplify endlessly.

But not in our Universe. We are granular, energy-uneven .

Most simply- the cluster will cease to amplify together- fine- it dies- it breaks down- entropy is up with time, complexity’s down- more chaos.

But, against all odds- other systems will continue- then- not being perfect- one of the components will occur in two  versions. The one which amplifies better- will slow down the energy gradient- will be smarter, more complex- soon the other one is bye bye gone.

Of course, the greatest invention of the evolution is the system which keeps amplifying -nearly perfect- the nuclear acids’ code- leading to the organism.

So, the algorithm is simpler than I thought, just keep amplifying.

The variation and the selection are the results , are inevitable, not a part of the evolutionary algorithm, but needed to be programmed for the computer model to tick…

The amplification, to be evolutionary relevant, has to have a substrate which is able to continue the process of multiplication. The examples are : simple carbonic acid cycle, the crystals in the oversaturated solution. Girls Preparatory School.The substrate contains the information to continue the production of the more of the substrate.

But this is not enough.

The substrate has to contain the information how to make a new factory of the substrate. Or at least a part of it. Examples ? simple strain of the nucleic acids. Mating rituals in animals. Storytelling behavior in humans. Parenting.

Towards Evolutionary Reality- How to act.

Towards Evolutionary Reality (TER)- How to act.

The Summary.

1. We are the center of the Universe. We are all important and all-responsible for it.

2. We are interdependent and interrelated. The relationships: friendships and love are our only chance to survive.

3. It is up to us, to create happy and meaningful life.

4. We live inside our evolutionary system. The story is all that is. Our meaning and fun is to listen and understand it.

5.Practice mindfulness

6. Be tolerant to other worldviews

It should be so simple. But the brain tricks us all the time. Piotrus, my brother, after letting me talk for an hour about the evolution and perception and the fish, asked me

So, what? or “ translate your TEO principles into a blueprint for living or the meaning of life”.

Everybody knows what is the right thing to do, to feel, to think, to say.

But how?

How to stop eating and share, when eating feels so good?

How to send money to Africa , when you need new i-phone?

And how to smile to your wife, when she blames you unfairly?


Can evolutionary reality help?

Sure! easily…


1. We are the center of the Universe. Mankind is the most complex system ever created by the thermodynamics and the evolution, a showcase, the best of the best. No excuse for sceptics, we are not “an insignificant speck in the one backward , one of a trillions galaxies”. We are the most important , only chance, for all the people we care for… and for ourselves.

And yes, as I said, “the only chance”- because we are alone (every evolutionary system is). No help (or an apocalyptic excuse!) from demons, gods, dragons, ghosts or werewolves.

No mysteries, magical origins or elusives justifying uncertainties about us. We are well built by the evolution mechanism, and we are trying to get to know ourselves/Universe as much as we can. And we will know more and more of incredibly fantastic and horrible things about us.

2. The friendship and the love.

I said we are alone, but actually we are not. Also, the presence, existence and messing with us by the above mentioned demons, gods, etc would not affect our solitude.

So, we are alone as an evolutionary system, but within this system we are interdependent.

I am not sure whether there is a consensus regarding the origins and mechanism, but have this thing called empathy and altruism.

It seems something happened during early hominids period 5 to 2 million years ago. Some weird feedback loop: the complexity of breeding (seen already in bonobos in the crude form) increased intelligence. This increased intensity of childhood learning which was making social system even more complex. Our mirror neurons went bezerk: for one it pushed us into hypersocial dance, on the top of that they got mixed with consciousness related neural pathways and puff! we can see a little bit of ourselves in the bird with broken wing.

That is great news that we have other beings to be with. To me this is the greatest achievement of modernity ( and postmodernity?) : the beauty, the variety and the diversity of the relationships modern humans can create.

Jane Goodall, sure, but not only, take such a diverse elements as symphonies, gay marriage, FaceBook, DNA mapping, Big Mind Meditation, Little Mermaid- it is all about relationships!

And loving our pets, and Izrael problem, and “I the Vortex”, etc etc…

And I am not saying it is easy, but it is crucial: friendships and loves and co-workers and artists..We are one big, big family, really.

Going bravely across the kinship and society and nations and religions.

Going across cultures is almost like going across the times and perception systems. We have and we need more relationship with the whole future generation!

We need to realize how strong is our relationship with our parents teachers and the ancestors.

As we reach further and further in our capacity to relate and care, across physical and emotional dimensions, including time- the evolution teaches us about our origins. The evolution connect us to the animals in much harder way than” I missed my pretty kitty”. We see the world in the same way, or, in other words, the world is as animals see it. It is possible to develop the mirror neurons, compassion and reflective thinking ( the consciousness). But you can’t develop the dualism, can’t develop the double reality, Plato’s cave can’t be real. Why? Because , while you can upgrade the wiring of the brain, you can not mess with what’s already in  there. You can change an acuity of perception,

and the interpretation but the evolution can not change what is perceived (ontologically).

Like medieval dungeon and the modern correctional facility. They are both prisons, serving the same function. Or the shaman and the surgeon with computer guided laser- still doing the same thing.  And the same argument goes through the comparison of every tiny level of the evolutionary change- from seeing just purple to seeing purple and magenta. Still the same sunset. The only way for survival is to be able to repeat that improved action ( like better recognition of the ripe fruit- for the animal, millions years ago it felt like “more good eat”- for the researcher- it would manifest like “more retinal discrimination”)

The animal’ brain is full of behaviors. Learned and inherited behaviors, the behaviors of the animal itself and its ancestors and the ancestors’ ancestors. Evolutionary , nothing else is worth knowing, and if it is not worth -the animal doesn’t know it. We do not know it either.

So, what?

Well, we need to work on the behaviors, i.e. on relationships.


The Behavior – compassion and gratitude. one directed towards the future, other towards the past. Both types related and attached to the person. Me and you.

3. You are all important.

Other problem with the modernism is that the modern culture shows us as an insignificant one- of the 7 billions. The God says : you are my child, you are special, but we do not hear it. Whatever are the moral rules , I am so small, I am below the radar, I can do anything because actually I can not do anything which matters ( except for serial killing , which is not for everybody).

Not so according to TER. Not only we are the center of the Universe , but the only world there is ( is real for you) is your world. And for me is mine.

We share many elements so it looks( and it works like) like it is our world , but it is just practical simplification and a shortcut. You bring it to the existence by looking, perceiving, there is nothing behind you, you are all important to do good.

From the birth to death you create your world , you learn and you live it and you die -accordingly. So, there is nothing more important to know what you doing and why.

You, as an individual, not a part of a mob. You are responsible and you have to train your reflective and critical thinking to know inside and outside of you.

It is why the development of the personal and unique explicit worldview is so important.


4.TEO dispense with spirituality.

The spirituality is this wishy- washy term, the back door exit , “ we are too evolved to believe in the angels and devils, but the Universe is permeated with the divine , the oneness, the suchness…”

The mind is made by the evolution, and the details are coming in as we speak.

We are developing the language shared by evolutionary neuroscience and evolutionary philosophy.

The sooner we demystify mind’s elements and the building process (after saying bye to ego, soul, shadow and the likes) the sooner we stop barking at the wrong tree!

Our moral enemy is social materialism, not the atheism.

And the fundamentalists feel so holy, that the materialism is justified.

It looks to me that the church and synagogue and mosque going folks are the greediest, the most cruel and lazy bunch (the quintessence of materialism). Many of them are violent , intolerant , xenophobic, bigotic and self assured buffoons.

And the last but not the least:

No.5. The practice.

The task to understand , to deepen the wisdom takes work and mindfulness practice. We need to work with artists and musicians and philosophers and scientists and listen to the simple folks and to the ancient cultures.

We need to listen to the animals and to the forests. We need to walk the mountains and swim in oceans.

When we meditate we listen to ourselves, to our bodies and our memories from far, far away. Listen to the story, the story between me and you.

As I said , according to TER the only real world is your world. It makes subjective experience all important, it invites you to learn about yourself, be individual.

There is no “we” as opposed to “them”. Leave we to royal pluralis majestatis.

I have known a man-a buffoon- who loves to use “we”- it is not the pretty sight.

The beauty of learning about yourself is opening for the real relation with “you”.

Getting to know “me” through the meditative practice, beyond autobiography, beyond the judgment and the projects opens possibility to know in the same way- you.

And you and you and you. One by one. Beyond the time, to know past you’s and the present and future ones. To know your lover, your mom and dad, your child, the teacher, maybe God or Buddha.

This is the crux of the matter. This is our chance, for us humans to cooperate, be friends, love and maybe survive.


6. All human actions and theories are just attempts to understand and we value them if they bring good to the humanity. The science will select itself from non science by more understanding and research.

We dismiss “turtles, all the way down” because it is blind alley concept. We question Big Bang theory because it doesn’t say” what was before”. If god (this or that) is unexplained – by definition- we say it is unscientific- again the argument of the blind alley.

Teo  tells us that the deepest structure/material the Universe is made of is our understanding.  My understanding built from the infancy and through eons of the evolution ,shows the Universe like… well, the normal, beautiful world. And I am trying to understand that it is also the content of the mind of each of us, shared to the degree. It consists of the units of behaviors evolutionary beneficial, inherited or preserved otherwise.

This means that “blind alley concept”  extends to all laws and all thinking.

Is it a relativism “all the way down?”

Yes and no.

We need to be humble ( yes) and practical :it is better to built on the rock than on the sand, even if we know that there is lava underneath both of them(no).

We need to try to understand how we understand the World rather than try to understand how the World really is, because it’s how it really is.