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Niche crisis

Niche crisis (this essay has new, expanded version as Niche crisis II)


This species is on the brink of extinction. Each species survival relays on the quality of its niche. The resilience of the species depends on ability to adapt to environmental changes. The organisms, members of a species, use energy to build size of the niche , diversity and complexity. 

 Human’s niche is shrinking , diversity is dwindling and the complexity is built to drive these processes  instead of protecting niche and diversity. Quality of life is rapidly decreasing: people are frightened, worried, angry, impoverished physically, emotionally and intellectually.

  This happened before to many other species and they were extinct, including all six species of earlier humans.

  But only our species can observe this happening. 

Can we use this unique fact to  reverse the trend?


I will never know, my children might, my grandchildren will know for sure.


To survive we need stop fighting- we need to conquer out tribalism, nationalism and religious divides.


To survive we need recognise our unity as a species, as a group of fellow travellers on the same leaking boat, develop friendships, admiration to each other and learn how to cooperate.


To survive we have to quit being materialistic, learn ourselves   and teach our children from the crib to cherish and be happy with experiences not with things, 


To survive we need to shrink our world population and our economies, develop new education system with emphasis on humanities, art, music , theater and philosophy.


Meditation is an important part of my intellectual journey these days. Is it also a spiritual journey?

I am not sure. I think spirituality involves the relationship  with somebody non-material.

I do not think I am there yet…

I do daily sitting, breathing , trying to be mindful and curious. This is very interesting and I wish everybody would do it.

Meditation (me and you)

I sit quietly. I sigh. Then I listen and observe my breathing. In-breath, out-breath, in breath, out-breath. It is almost automatic, but it is so easy to make it intentional.  Then , when I breathe in, I can feel cool air entering my nostrils. I imagine molecules of oxygen spreading furiously through my whole body, like advancing troops searching for the King in the deserted Castle. Where is he? They are finding Me everywhere. My chest is expanding, there is more and more Me. Forward! This is manly, heroic time. This is Yang. Here I am. My intent meeting my awareness. And it happens everywhere, in every cell of my body. There are No worries, no past, no future, just Me. Here and now, but it is really beyond an eastern guru’s cliche’. I am closer then here, closer than my brain or heart, beyond the dimension of space, everywhere, beyond the borders. Time? I am breathing in, this is more than now. Now is, but i am becoming! What a moment of Truth….
Almost. Deeply down, I always knew, this is not a whole truth… So I breathe in harder, desperate. The diamonds change  into ashes. The expansion into abyss. Where am I really? Nowhere?
And then You come.
I breathe out. An Escape, I am safe again. Did I lose, or is it just “letting go”?
The Mystery of Me was solved just as I was giving it up. The body relaxes in the luxurious exhalation. This is the Yin phase, accepting and female. This is the time of harvest. I will think of what made me, of the ancestors and of causes. Yes,yes the solution of the puzzle is You. You have millions of faces. There is you philosophical, where the subjectivists see the nature of the Universe as a relationship between people, the religious You, of course, you of the compassion and the you of the jealousy…
And there is the simplest You: my Mother and my Father, literally my origin and my cause, also their Mothers and Fathers, endless generations..  My teachers and my teachers’ teachers, my creators and the creators’ creators, literally and metaphorically , I am through them, by them , I see through their eyes their world.
Everything which is not Me is You, my body, the memories, the brain is made of you.
I breathe out and feel my body, the whole body. My senses talk to me about my maybe sore muscle,  they feel through my skin, I hear sounds, I think thoughts.  You, different you’s  are responsible for the nature of these experiences. As the causes, as goals, as people I love and as people I am grateful for everything I have. And as Me had no borders,no history, now You can also be raw and huge. You are in my skin and my brain and farther and farther…wherever I look – only You, you, you.
I am gone, lost.  So I am wallowing in the nothingness and ask “what is this for” and “why’. Nihilism. I am breathing out and out and into despair.
And in the last moment- like the Big Bang- Inhalation! I am found, again.

Well, as usual in my writings there is the nonchalance mixed with seriousness. My new blog is http://www.Evolutionandmeandyou.com . Me and You is the structure of my daily meditation, it feels natural, often I drop the words but I keep the meaning – me and you. I believe that  this metaphor- me and you, in my every breath, has several layers of meaning. Probably the most important is that if we want to survive this crazy times , it would help if we notice that Me and You are inseparable as breathing in and breathing out. Also, as in this meditation,  our relationship and the nature of me and of you are ultimately same.  We need to see people one by one as the single You, like I am single Me. Instead, when we see US, automatically, we create THEM and it is so difficult to reach across this divide…
So I breathe in- Me, and breathe -out, You….
Yes, You.