on humanism and environmental crisis

My answers

My answers:V13, Tom Voychehovski

I.The stuff changes (sic!) as our language/metaphors and the understanding expands. A mixture of physics, matemathics, probability and the mind?

II.   Its nature, the neurons, their connections, their biochemistry is the same as the rest of the world. We use it to create our experience.

III.  When we’d understand better the concept of Time, the concept of beginning will become less paradoxical. Something like the space between birth and death?

IV.  Miraculously we’ll understand our unity, stop fighting, stop overpopulating, stop wasting resources. We’ll see the Love as the thing between me and you. Then we’ll build better world- piece of cake.

V. Evolution explains how live organisms including humans have become so complex. The evolutionary algorythm includes the evolution of the functions and content of our brain,i.e. our experience.

VI. Hunter-gatherers invented and genetically encoded altruism. Drive to survive evolved into drive to understand. The wisdom (understanding) translates socially into good, true and beautiful.

VII.Animal survival behaviors is natural and sexual selection are parts of nature. Laziness/ignorance (i.e. lack of understanding)  manifest as greed and fear.

VIII. Free will is an attribute of the mind, developed evolutionary for the ethical system to function. My actions matter, so do yours.

IX. Meaning of life is individual and depends on the worldview. For me it is to practice to be able to be happy, be curious and do good.

X. Truth is relative,  “what works”, and the civilisation dependent. It follows evolution and survival, therefore appears to be objective/scientific.

XI.With effort and intention of love, curiosity and gratitude, the results exceed expectations. It is transient, subjective, trainable.

XII. There isn’t any. Intelligence is created, defined and working within evolution on Earth, our evolution. Except for The Little Prince.

XIII.  I plan to train how to know that I am ready and how to happily (for me and for the others) disconnect subjectivity from objectivity.

XIV.I made this list so I think it’s perfect. But… you guys have at it!

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