on humanism and environmental crisis

Explicit and implicit worldview,

The World is trying to define itself. We witness the paroxysms of the violence of the heroism , the faith and nihilism. But all of that is nothing else but the sum of each human personal struggle.
People define themselves by living their lives, and desperately trying to make sense of it.
For millennia some of them attempt to express this in literature, art and music.
The philosophers distilled that to several basic categories, represented by the infamous “Big Questions”.
This is the worldview.It is how you see the World, your opinions, your attitude and your guts. In the innate, experiential form, or implicit form- it is in the everybody’s bones.
In the modern times ,as more and more people, are educated, reflective, even obsessed with mindfulness and examining your own mind, the explicit (written down) worldview become more popular.
The domain of philosophers, religious doctrines and scientific theories become the object of the TED talks, self-improvement books or even party conversation.
In the Philozophy.com we are trying to encourage and help an ordinary thinking person to work on his or hers worldview. We think that the answer, or as Vidal call it-”position”, should be short enough to be easily digested and compared with others, but long enough to be meaningful and personal- yours. We arbitrarily decided on the wording of each question, but we included alternative wording or “sub-questions”.
These statements , if they feel yours and true, we believe, can be the very important signposts in your journey to live full and good life.
And if we put them together on the Philozophy.com – we’ll build a smarter planet.

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