on humanism and environmental crisis

The evolution determines why and how we try to figure out this world – with the brain, the heart and the soul. “Nobody’s” emphasizes the illusion, created by the evolution, the science and the religion- that we live, each of us lonely, in the huge, unknown foreign Nobody’s -or God’s Universe. If so, you and me with our senses and our intellect could just clumsily collect its random and tiny, meaningless samples  And this would be our life.

But, there is no Nobody’s Universe.


The animal’s nervous system creates a small universe around this animal. This “ reality” around it provides the best possible set of data to secure animal’s goals, which can be translated into human language as happiness. or well being or understanding.

The animals brain is small but very efficient. It ”knows” only what is necessary, like DNA “remembers” only what is needed, the rest is discarded by merciless evolution.  For the animal’s genes, it translates as “survival and continuation’, for the scientists looking at this animal it translates as the source of increase of complexity, the “factory” where the energy is consumed and the information is produced.

  The TEO sees this animal’s universe as one of the myriads of the single organism’s universes, past, present and future. We should look at the World as Personal Universe, constructed exactly the way this animal’s small universe was constructed. Build from birth for happiness, built “from the scratch”, by the developing nervous system. In the process of trying to understand this , we humans divided the functions of our nervous system into perception, thinking, memory, instincts, feelings, dreams, consciousness and others. We categorized endlessly the data (actually the stories) into “reality”, “truth”,”myths” or “faith”.

We humans are hyper-social , so we used in the building process the data from our nervous system and the data from the nervous system of others. The tight mix of data begins from the baby’s first perception of the mother’s smile (“what’s the heck is that? It sure resonates deeply and feels good”) and ends at the death bed. Our Universes overlap, creating a wonderful , eternal tapestry of the personal worlds. They overlap and mingle across the World , but also into the past and in the future.


We live in  the World of the Evolutionary Objectivity. It is real and solid and following all rules of science. It is also mine and yours, our personal worlds intertwined as the complex mixture of perceptions, thoughts and feelings, some shared some not. They are felt and understood exactly as the evolution made the communication, the information, the function of the nervous system to be felt and understood for eons.


Each of us, me ,you and you and you, has been building this World since birth as the source of the pride, responsibility and concern.

Evo-ob belongs to each being completely….and separately.

Why would we need anything else,? Who and how and why would make anything else?

There is no Nobody’s Universe.


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