on humanism and environmental crisis

Two new reasons to build the explicit worldview.

1.Rick Hanson quotes research suggesting that implicit memory is sad and explicit memory is happier, many psychotherapies rely on working on the implicit issues to move them into explicit- Jungian and Bowenian systems for sure.

The same thing with the worldviews- the implicit one is more fearful, the explicit more peaceful and mature.

2. The building an explicit worldview is the very primordial, old process. Every  communication, the sole reason of the existing of the nervous system, includes an element of understanding and passing this understanding in the more or less explicit form.

Since the invention of the nervous  system it is how the growth of complexity is done.

The content of the nervous system is the network of behaviors worth remembering . They  differ in the level of explicitness: from synaptic neural connections through the system of instinctual behaviors, then behaviors shared with other social animals, tribal rituals, human emotions, to the language, the text and global brain concept.

Work on your explicit worldview through the Philozophy.com where different worldviews mingle.

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