on humanism and environmental crisis

All of us “philosophers” share the love for broader perspective and for asking big questions.
This make us;
1. closer to the human nature, inquisitive and good.
2. seeing more misery and more hope in the same time.
So, we all have an urge to be social engineers , and we are scare of it , because of the terrible mistakes humankind made.(and is making)
To make this great meeting of minds beneficial, maybe we can agree on some broad principle of doing it , but doing it safely?

I am a pediatrician, so every day , when I tell kids and parents to read books and turn off tv, I do some social engineering, don’t I?
I am also a host of the web site, which encourages building and sharing of the personal worldview (philozophy.com) Well , nobody’s doing it, so this is an example of failed social engineering….

How about starting with 3 points safe social engineering:

A. promote education, reading, thinking
B. promote communication- discussions, cultural exchange, nonviolent communication.
C. promote individuality, being your own person, critical thinking.

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