on humanism and environmental crisis

The Smartest Human of the Week
The worldview game about the truth.
To get in ,you need to register, get password and pay a little money.
To play you publish  on line your worldview in the standardised form, twitter size, on the special web site,  the answers to 12 or so, basic questions about  the world , the god,  the reality etc.
You can give your own answers or anybody else who published his or her worldview.
Then the computer keeps the score.This game is based on the assumptions:
1. people love to figure things out.
2.people love when their solutions or their truth become popular and adopted by others.
3.people will insist on their own answers in some areas and use others’ answers in other subjects.
4. If it doesn’t work as the game- this would be good browsable depository of different worldviews.Every time your answer is published, you score a point.( if all answers are your own and nobody used your answers, your score is 12)
Most frequent answer is the truth.
Every time you get the truth( i.e. your answer is the most frequent), you score 10 points, 2nd most frequent- 5, 3rd 2 points.
The person with the most points is the winner.Additional rules and comments.
All content is absolutely transparent- you can browse everything all the time.
You can edit and change your answers once a week. But only yours.
You can use anybody’s answer, change it,  and it become yours, unless the computer says; “taken”. It means that you have not changed it enough!
The answer “travels” with the # of the author. eg: Say #VIII question is : “Is there free will and can one make the difference?”. then, if Smith’s is 13 ( V13, for the game’s old name- Veritas) ” #VIII,V13, “Absolutely, no”. You, (Brown ,V14) had published #VIII,V14, “Maybe”. You can edit it and change it to”#VIII, V13 “Absolutely, no” , you lost a point, and he gained one. Actually you could have lost more, because all guys who had  “#VIII,V14, “Maybe”, will have “#VIII, Ghost, “Maybe”, until somebody claims it. It looks like Monopoly, but I am interested in the actual dynamics. Would Dalai Lama win?
The game should come with the chat room to discuss, bargain, create coalitions.Can computer/players account for the “origin” of the answer ( say “this is 80% Vidal, 20% mine),, or it has to be editing/managing human? We know that all the philosophy is the comment on Plato. Maybe you can have somebody’s answer ( or part?) only if you buy it from him? in real or imaginary currency?
Will really smart answer become popular??, will mediocrity or even charlatanism, win?
Will people change answers to more popular or stick to theirs guns? Extra prizes for the originality??
Note: Shortest answers have more chances to be popular , like “Oh, oh!”, but have less meaning, shall we require at least 100 characters?
How (if needed) rules can be modified to encourage “real philosophy” on the top of the” game”?
Will dynamics depend on the number of players?_- small circle of friends vs “viral” millions???
How to protect the site from hate and obscenity?The questions:( Mostly according to Vidal’s Metaphilosophical Worldview Comparison)

I .What is the Universe made of?
II.What is the nature of mind?
III.How did the Universe begin?
IV.What is going to happen to the humankind?
V.What is the role of the evolution in your worldview?
VI.What is the origin and the nature of goodness in the world?
VII.What is the origin and the nature of evil in the world?
VIII.Is there free will and can one make a difference?
IX.What is the meaning of life?
X.How do you find the truth?
XI.How do you find happiness?
XII.What about the extraterrestial intelligence?

Please comment on the idea, the rules, the software requirements, on the questions selection,
and on the meaning of life…no complains about your medical condition please. I know it is serious. I hurt too.
Note: there is no question “ what will happen after I die?”  Shall we add it as #13?
Hurry up, answer, you realize that early bird…. you might be forever famous owner of the “#VIII: Fuck off” answer!
Every player will get the number, then you can refer this “V#” to your blog or website or a flag. I would reserve first 12 for the famous potential players, we need a meeting of interested “grandfathers/grandmothers” to set it up!.

My answers:

I.Matter. Mater defined as the content of human perception. The perception which evolved  in richness, but its nature still reflects animal’s experience, stored in the brain as “the world”.

II. Evolution has made the function of human brain subjectively experienced as the mind. Its nature, the neurons, their connections, their biochemistry is the same as the rest of the world.

III.Time is one of our dimensions used to understand the cosmos and to communicate this understanding. Time events like Big Bang, etc are then whithin this process of understanding.

IV. Miraculously we’ll understand our condition and unity, stop fighting, stop overpopulating, stop overconsuming resources and start learning how to love and have fun….

V. Evolution explains how live organisms including humans have become so complex. This complexity includes the functions of our brain, which is trying to understand itself.

VI. Humans are supersocial . Hunter-gatherers invented and genetically encoded altruism. Rising children, learning and cooperation requires socially based ethical and moral behavior system.

VII.Animal survival behaviors and the competition in natural and sexual selection are parts of human nature. Greed, fear and laziness/ignorance are the manifestations of this.

VIII. Free will is a subjectivity produced by the brain, required for the ethical system to function. My actions make the difference between “a patch” of happiness or misery.

IX. We evolved to fight entropy, to improve function, be more complex. Subjectively, we are trying to figure out the way for better life, more useful, more exciting, more harmonious.

X. Truth is relative,  “what works”, civilisation- and -genetic dependent. The metaphor of the wise person combines scientific, spiritual and social dimensions of truth.

XI.When  with the effort and intention of love, curiosity and gratitude, the results exceed expectations. A transient subjective metaphor produced by well trained nervous system.

XII.Concepts of extraterrestial intelligence, like god, is man invented. They are within the human , evolution -made, understanding system. We are in the center of the Universe.

XIII. I will cease to exist.  The human existence  occurs in the rich world of multiple dimensions of perception (including time). Awareness of them fluctuates and peters out close to death. And  I will be done, more or less.

I need new blog equipped with password, etc.

You will be able visit a lot without participating:
Welcome page:
Origins of the game
Who we are
Rules and FAQs
This week true answers

The “portfolios”  of the winners, the famous, the infamous…

Comments on: "The project and the concepts: The Smartest Human of the Week" (4)

  1. I am V15! I am getting in to “claim” my spot. (But you know, people will want a username, not a number!)

    1. What is the Universe made of? Stars…
    2. What is the nature of mind? Plastic
    3. How did the Universe begin? Bang!
    4. What is going to happen to the humankind? Waterworld
    5. What is the role of the evolution in your worldview? Specialization to environment.
    6. What is the origin and the nature of goodness in the world? Survival
    7. What is the origin and the nature of evil in the world? Greed and Money
    8. Is there free will? Only to the extent that we can bend the plastic of our minds.
    9. What is the meaning of life? Pleasure in the pursuit of meaning in life…and chocolate.
    10. How do you find the truth? Death
    11. How do you find happiness? Enjoying the journey
    12. What about the extraterrestrial intelligence? They are here, visiting, sampling, and watching our nuclear technology. The US government is in cahoots…or at least aware.
    13. What happens when you die? Truth

  2. Dr.Vidal replied and said
    “I have already played the game (http://tinyurl.com/Vidal-Cosmic-Worldview).
    So, I encourage you to motivate others to play the game.”
    He, as V12 is not bound by any rules of the game… His answers are fascinating but very difficult to understand for me. Please everybody, dig into it and illuminate me.. Tom

  3. I am taking number 70. That’s how old I am.

    1. What is the Universe made of? Strings.
    2. What is the nature of mind? Got me.
    3. How did the Universe begin? Bang!
    4. What is going to happen to the humankind? I’m worried about that.
    5. What is the role of the evolution in your worldview? Play the hand you’re dealt.
    6. What is the origin and the nature of goodness in the world? Group selection.
    7. What is the origin and the nature of evil in the world? You’re in the wrong group.
    8. Is there free will? Only if you think you will be punished — then you won’t do it.
    9. What is the meaning of life? Got me again.
    10. How do you find the truth? I’ll let you know.
    11. How do you find happiness? I donnot know.
    12. What about the extraterrestrial intelligence? They may be out there but we will never have two way communication because of distance and the speed of light.
    13. What happens when you die? I’m worried about that too.

  4. The answers are trickling. Peter Brown thinks that just figuring out your answers is not fun.
    He thinks people need an incentive to put your worldview which is in your heart (implicit) on the paper , into the language (explicit). I think that benefits of that process are huge- you can see it, compare with others, discuss, ridicule etc. and it is fun. He thinks we need to ask the question: ” is your worldview killing you?” and maybe even give you an answer as a reward for submitting the description of your worldview.

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